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Here at you’ll find a range of beautiful, practical and innovative tents to suit your needs. Whether you're looking for something classic and understated, or you're fed up with bland beige and want something to stand out, we’ve got the ideal tent for you! With so many different styles to choose from, we’ve made this guide to provide all the information you’ll need to choose the right tent.

What is a bell tent?

A bell tent is perhaps one of the most recognisable tent styles, featuring a single central support pole, giving it it’s classic shape. The entrance is formed with an A-frame pole its guy ropes provide stability. Here at we’ve stuck largely to the original bell tent design but have included some design tweaks to make our tents ideal for today’s campers.

History of The Bell Tent

An early version of the bell tent was the Sibley tent - invented during the American Civil War by Henry Hopkins Sibley, a Brigadier General from Louisiana, having studied the Native American Tipi on his long expeditions in the American Old West. The modern bell tent is characteristically different, using modern treated canvas' that are waterproof and breathable, offering a more pratical, luxury camping experience. At we pride ourselves on making the best bell tents on the market, through constant innovation with a firm eye on design and aesthetics.

Our Range Of Bell Tents

We’ve re-developed the classic bell tent to meet the needs of the modern camper, and we provide a range of unique and stunning tents of the highest possible quality.

Traditional bell tents
Our traditional bell tents are perfect for all occasions and come in a vast array of colours, patterns and sizes. Our tents have the added bonus of our generous 1.8m door for the 4m and a 2m high door for the 5m, so you can walk in without needing to bend down, we also have added the new feature, including a screw-on rain caps to hold the door A-frame in place, along with sturdy reflective guy ropes. Our traditional bell tents also feature zipped windows for ventilation and mesh window/door covers to keep insects out. Our bell tents are available in a variety of sizes, from 3m, ideal for solo campers, friends and small families, right up to an enormous 8m,
ideal for large groups.

Star bell tents
Our Star bell tents are an innovative modern take on the traditional bell tent and our range includes 4m, 5m, 6m and the Star Emperor option. We’ve taken a traditional bell tent and enhanced the design by adding a large canopy and features that provide even greater stability and protection from the elements. This range was designed with glampers in mind, and for those looking for more space and a lot of durability; instead of traditional guy ropes, the Star bell tent features heavy duty webbing making it highly stable in bad weather and when pitched in exposed locations. These tents have an integrated canopy which provides a 50cm porch area, ideal for storing muddy boots or providing effective shade and protection from the rain, making it the ideal choice for unpredictable weather. The Star range also features slightly higher walls and boasts 360° netting, helping campers feel even more connected to the great outdoors.

Yurt tents
The Yurt tent is designed to provide a true luxury glamping experience. The high walls of our 16ft (5m) Yurt tent mean there’s ample space inside, making it perfect for families and groups. Unlike traditional bell tents, the Yurt tent has the addition of 4 large windows with mesh covers and PVC ‘glass’ leaving you to enjoy the views. The large entrance makes it easy to furnish and the Yurt tent can comfortably sleep up to 6 people with space for luggage, furniture and plenty of head room.

Ground Sheets
Bell tents come with different ground sheet options - some have sewn in ground sheets (SIG) whilst others have separate ground sheets, but the most popular choice for our customers is the zipped in ground sheet (ZIG) which provides both convenience and flexibility. At, all of our tents come with a zipped in ground sheet (ZIG), which provides customers with the most versatile option. These can remain permanently attached, zipped off and the sides rolled up, or not used at all for those using their bell tent like a marquee.

New Features For 2019

All New Sizes
Larger and smaller versions
of your favourite tents.

Upgraded Quality Mallet
Free with every Boutique
Camping tent.

Stronger Guy Ropes
Still interwoven, and reflective
for when it gets dark!

Free Spares Bag
Including some of those smaller
items like pegs and a rain cap.

Sharper, Stronger Pegs
New design for easy use
in all conditions.

Improved Packaging Bag Base
Thicker boxes and shrink wrap to
keep your tent safe and dry.

Fabric Options

We currently offer our bell tents in three fabric choices:
Polycotton, Oxford, and Polyester.

We’re continually checking out what’s new in the world of glamping and looking for ideas and inspiration to help us in our mission to bring customers the very best possible camping experience. Over the past couple of years, we’ve been testing Polycotton as a suitable alternative to our traditional 100% cotton canvas material. Essentially Polycotton is a cotton fabric with polyester weaved into it, which makes it easier to care for and more hard-wearing than traditional 100% cotton canvas. For all new 2018 stock, we have made the decision to make the switch away from 100% cotton to manufacturing Polycotton bell tents. This provides customers will all the benefits of cotton canvas but with the added durability and ease of care associated with Polycotton.

With so many benefits, it’s easy to understand why Polycotton has rapidly become the high-end tent fabric of choice for the world’s leading camping companies like Robens, Nordisk, Outwell, Kampa, Vango and Tent Tipi. Your Polycotton tent from Boutique Camping will provide you with many years of hassle-free, happy camping.

Some of the benefits of using Polycotton as a tent fabric include:

Quick Drying

More durable and less likely to rip than cotton,
making it more suitable for extreme conditions.

Mildew Resistant
Less maintenance required and more
resistant to mildew.

Fully breathable just like
cotton canvas.

Quick Drying
Quicker drying time than standard
cotton tents.

Holds Colour

Holds Color
Holds color better and less likely to fade
as quickly as cotton.

Crease Resistant
Looks and feels just like traditional cotton
canvas and less prone to creasing.

Oxford Canvas
We spent a long time researching for the perfect easy-care tent fabric, finally we developed a synthetic man made fabric which we called the Oxford canvas. This is similar to traditional cotton but stronger, more durable and waterproof straight away. Oxford fabric is tremendously hardwearing and also holds colour better than cotton canvas. It’s also more robust against rot, mould and mildew making it the ideal choice for campers who want a bell tent, but aren’t keen to take on the additional care and upkeep associated with 100% cotton canvas.

Polyester tents
Our Polyester tents are half the weight of our canvas tents and are ideal for festivals and weekend camping trips. Whilst this range of tents has been developed with this in mind, they have not lost the traditional feel of our bell tent. The lightweight polyester fabric is also quicker to dry, and far easier to take care of than other traditional tent fabrics - an excellent option for those that want to stand out in an amazing tent, at a fraction of the cost.

Please note, all our polyester tents are premium made quality tents, made from thicker hardwearing quality polyester material, please do not compare our polyester tents to cheaper poor quality alternatives on the market.

Our Traditional Bell Tent Sizes

From 9.9ft (3m) tents suitable for solo campers, right through enormous 26ft (8m) tents ideal for large groups, we offer a number of different options. All of our bell tents benefit from generous doors making entry and exit a doddle and they all have great head space, making them feel spacious, bright and airy. However, choosing the right size of bell tent depends on a few different factors.

Which is best for you?
Our 9.9ft (3m) and 13ft (4m) Bell tents are perfect for solo campers, couples and small families, sleeping up to 4; if you want to factor in living space, camp furniture and luggage however, you might be better off choosing something a little bigger, and our 16ft (5m) bell tents are generally the perfect size for family campers. These tents provide additional space giving you enough room to set up furniture and even a camp kitchen inside your tent, making it our most popular tent choice for families. Our 19.5ft (6m) Bell tents are great for larger families and can comfortably sleep up to eight adults, with plenty of space to create a luxurious glamping haven. By comparison our 23ft (7m) and 26ft (8m) Bell tents are enormous, with enough room to seat around 20 people, or standing space for many more!

Still unsure which is right for you?

We're always here to help you find the perfect tent! Email or call us below:

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