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Catering to all of our campers desires can over-complicate our product titles... Here is a breakdown example, if you're still unsure, pop us a call or open a live chat with one of our tent-spert advisors!

• defining the designs •

(We'll let the tents talk for themselves!)

Classic Bell Tent

What you see is what you get! I'm loyal, supportive and here for the long run. I’m pretty low maintenance with a practical get up and go attitude. Although simplistic, I do embody several unique traits that any camper would appreciate; reflective guy ropes, zippable groundsheet, and a centre pole that beautifully hangs a chandelier.

Bell Tent Plus

Everything you know and love about my more traditional Bell Tent sibling, I am, but with a few desirable differences. Aesthetically striking from all angles, I have ditched my guy ropes for some miracle webbing alternatives - a technical design that effectively minimises trip hazards and simultaneously maximises longevity by redirecting rain-pour away from the tent and it's doorway.

Star Bell Tent

I'm strong, stable and have endless appealing traits! My innovative arched overhang and webbing strap features mean I adapt to any environment and look stunning from all angles. As I excel in the outdoors, I thought it was only right to have a sheltered integrated canopy so my camping companions can too! Even when indoors, my 360° netting allows an open-plan with panoramic views and maximum ventilation… all while keeping any unwanted bugs at bay.

Luna Bell Tent

Both my personality and looks exude larger than life qualities. Rounded, but grounded, my majestic ways and max height of 3m's, mean I stand out amongst any crowd and often get appraisal on my capabilities to entertain large groups, wellbeing classes and work or playtime spaces. Don’t be fooled by my elegant curves, my additional wall support poles make me stronger than most. With 1.9m high walls, my internal living space is maximised, meaning there’s ample space for both you, your furniture, the kids, the dog and whatever else you've squeezed in your car!

Nova Air Dome

I'm pretty new to the scene, but my 5 star rating assures me that I'm more than capable of fulfilling your glamping goals. My pole free, pump up structure makes me stand out from the crowds and my sibling tents, along with other unique design features that include; extra thick webbing straps, ample head space, and large windows, which are perfect for campers who enjoy gazing at scenic views. 

Tucana Tent

I embody a fusion of traditional values and modern capabilities. I am just as practical as I am pretty and I excel in transferring my hosting and entertaining skills to any party as my external extension allows you to host both inside and out! Don’t tell them, but I’ll admit, I copied the curved overhang and webbing features from my older Star & Bell Plus siblings, I simply wanted to be as structurally strong as they were!

Star Emperor Tent

If you opt for me, well, great choice first of all, but secondly, you’ll be well on your way to hosting a lifetime of epic camping adventures with all the ones you love, literally all of them! I embody a merge of two Star Bell tents, that have been conjoined together with a generous central extension. My arched overhang, webbing features, 360° netting and integrated canopy rank me one of the highest for achieving camper satisfaction! 

Luna Emperor Tent

Met my sibling, Luna? Well I'm the bigger version, and it would be my pleasure to accommodate you and your large family or group of camping companions. Alternatively if you’re looking for a unique venue to host an event, my 3 open compartments in one, make me the perfect fit! I’m often referred to as a canvas castle, and I'd agree my view taking windows, curved elegance and canopy overhang are royal in their own right!

• the full package •

Everything you can expect to receive with your new tent...

• loving the skin, you're camping in •

When it comes to choosing the fabric of your new tent, there are a few things to consider. Will you be pitched for longer periods? What climate will your tent be faced with? Do you want to keep weight to a minimum? Will you be using a stove inside your tent? 

Polycotton Canvas

A cotton (65%) and polyester (35%) blend. This is a versatile and breathable fabric that has proven very popular with the world's best known camping companies including Robens, Nordisk & Outwell. Weighing in lighter than our 100% Cotton alternative, our PolyCotton Canvas comes in two weights; 285gsm & 200gsm.

100% Cotton 

Our newest and most innovative fabric on offer.  This is our thickest and heaviest fabric at 320gsm, it is 100% cotton and completely fire retardant. This fabric has the option to have an integrated stove hole and flap feature installed. BS 7837:1996 - Specification for flammability performance for textiles used in the construction of marquees and similar textile structures.

We also have on offer a 285gsm variant of our 100% cotton, which is available in a deeper 'Coffee' colour - perfect for darker nights and longer lay ins. 

Oxford 100gsm & 230gsm 

A premium waterproof polyester, with the 100gsm weighing in at half of the weight of PolyCotton Canvas, making it perfect for weekend trips and festivals. The advantages of this fabric are the quick drying, light weight and 0-no maintenance elements. Oxford 230GSM, is thicker and embodies the look and feel of canvas, which will effectively block out more light than Oxford 100.

• sometimes, size matters!•

 If you’re a novice camper, you may think size just comes to how many of you will be camping, however, size matters in more areas than one…

Living Space

3M= 1-2 Campers | 4M= 3-4 Campers | 5M= 5-6 Campers | 6M= 7-8 Campers | 7M= 9-10 Campers | 8M= 11+ Campers. Please note, if using sleeping bags, as opposed to mattresses, the suggested capacity will increase.

Pitching Space 

Squeezing a tent in a space without a generous external space for the ropes will produce an imperfect-pitch, which can result in damage and leaks. E.G: a 5m tent requires a minimum of 7m space in diameter.

Head Space

For most, ducking around the sides of your tent is just a part of camping, if however, you’re looking to host room conscious activities, or on the taller side, tents like our NOVA AIR DOME & LUNA BELL TENT will be a better match, due to the ample headspace the high walls allow.

• still unsure? •

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