Bell Tents, General

Why not utilise your bell tent in the winter, and create a fun and exciting sleepover space for your kids. The bell tent sleepover tips are an amazing fun idea, to allow your kids to enjoy themselves in the safety of your watchful eye. And, it will have your kids thinking you are the best parent ever!

It’s like something out of the movies, a garden sleepover can be a great way to recreate a camping experience in the comfort of your own home. During the cold winter months, we tend to pack our bell tents away, and wait until the weather lightens up. Most of us don’t use our tents again until we see the first ray of sunshine or at least some mild weather.

We shouldn’t shy away from a good camping session just because of a small thing like the weather. We should keep in mind that bell tents are very resilient and you can still use them in the winter months.


Creating a space for fun and adventure is the first priority, so here are a few tips to help achieve the best bell tent sleepover tips.

Plan Your Night

Bell Tent Sleep Over Tips

You need to plan your night if you’d like it to go off without a hitch. You might think that they won’t like “organised fun”, but actually is much like school or any other activity. If you have a well thought out plan, you’ll be less likely to be stressed and they will end up having more fun than they thought.

Create A Child-Friendly Oasis

Creating a warm and inviting space for the sleepover is key. Decoration is the best way to get the kids excited about the sleepover, because if they do not feel like the tent feels warm, festive and positive they may not feel up to it. Choose colours they like, and set up small activities for them to do like lunch or games. Anything that you know they will enjoy will always be a winner.

Food & Snacks

Bell Tent Sleep Over Tips

You could really do something special when it comes to food and snacks. You could make individual packed lunches like in school just healthier and possibly more delicious. This is entirely up to you, what they eat, how they eat and what time can all be scheduled and prepared by yourself. However, you must remember that this experience should be fun and memorable, and it may not be the best place to get your kids to start eating sprouts.


Bell Tent Sleep Over Tips

It’s really up to you how you decorate the bell tent. However, an amazing idea is to let them help with the decorating, after all, they will be the ones enjoying the night and you are doing this for them.

Relax & Let Them Have Fun

After all the prep, all the decoration and the scheduling, it can be easy to forget to let them have fun. After all, this is a fun activity for them to be able to combine the fun or a bell tent with some sleepover fun.