Glamping Has Caught On Around The Globe In A Huge Way!

It seems that around the globe the penny has dropped, and they caught on to the amazing lifestyle that is glamping. Camping holidays are the best way to enjoy the great outdoors, add a few more home comforts that are miles away from your average tent and sleeping bag, and you have will have the most intense and interesting holiday you have ever experienced.

So even though it’s Feb and it’s quite cold outside, we thought we’d bring you some of the globes most gorgeous glamping destinations. All these fabulous places around the world have traditional bell tents, tipis, yurts and or simply fantastic scenery for you to submerge yourself into.

1. Erg Chebbi, Morocco


Morocco is an amazing holiday destination, and it has many places to discover and soak in the culture. But if you get a change to get away from the crowds, there are some authentic desert glamping holidays around the desert.

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The Merzouga Luxury Desert Camp is hidden in the amazing sand dunes of the Erg Chebbi. The luxury tents are laid out in a group, or you can have a more cosy experience at one of two smaller camps nearby. Experience some out of this world Berber hospitality, along with fantastic Moroccan cuisine and a camel ride.

2. Campsite Capo d’Orso


The Capo d’Orso campsite in Palau, Sardinia is a large partially shaded, terraced campsite by the sea and with a private beach. The location of the campsite is beautiful – it is on the Costa Smeralda in the north of Sardinia, with a variety of sandy beaches and granite.

The beauty of this amazing spot is the fact that you can take part in a variety of water sports, and have surfing and diving lessons. The excellent campsite has a lot of amenities and it offers a high level of comfort, whilst enjoying the amazing scenery and the clear sea views. There are restaurants, bars, supermarkets, a pizzeria, a recreation area and a bazaar. If your keen in sport, you can enjoy football or tennis. The most amazing thing about this camp site is that there are boats readily available for excursions and trips all across the island.

3. Corcovado Adventures Tent Camp, Drake Bay


Camp corcovado adventures faces the ocean, and it’s backed by the jungle, so you get the best of both worlds right at your finger tips. Being this close to nature will allow a real level of comfort, coupled with the amazing sounds of the sea as an alarm clock. Who wouldn’t want to experience this bliss? Each private tent is covered to protect you from the elements, and is set on an elevated wooden platform giving you a spacious front porch from which to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Pacific Ocean.


The lodge offers 24 tents, some located right on the beach and some more tucked away inside the forested property. The Lodge also has its own restaurant and bar, where three meals per day are served. Each tent is rustic, but has its own wooden deck and small porch. The inside has a separate tent, where two beds are distributed, one a double bed and another single bed. Each tent has electricity 24 hours.

4. Wigwam Tipi Hotel, Rialto, California.


If your looking for an authentic styles teepee look no further. This motel’s village-style arrangement has nineteen 30-foot-tall tepees made from wood framing, concrete and stucco. This draws much attention to the thousands of visitors yearly,  each individual wigwam is carefully equipped with all the traveler’s essentials with grounds that includes of grass area, an outdoor barbecue grill and kidney-shaped swimming pool.

5. Mahali Mzuri Safari Camp, Kenya


We have to thank Sir Richard Branson for this amazing safari camp. The Mahali Mzuri is in a private conservation area in Kenya, which is approximately an hour’s flight of Nairobi. It’s right in the heart of the wildlife-rich plains, ensuring wildlife aplenty, with a high chance of spotting the stars of the show.

This may not be camping as you may have envisioned or imagined, instead you have a small number of stylish structures on the hillside. The luxury tents have wooden floors, an amazing en-suite bathroom and a raised patio with an unimaginable view of great wildlife.

6. One & Only Le saint Géran, Mauritius


Ok, so this is not exactly ‘camping’ but in this private hotel resort facing the Indian Ocean, could not be left behind. Under the calm sway of countless coconut palms, 60 acres of grounds take in tropical gardens, poolside and ocean dining. In their private beach they will erect a tent, filled with all the necessary accessories for a night under the stars by the beach.

7. Boya Lake Provincial Park, Canada


The beautiful scenery is in Canada, you can go camping in this amazing space, it does not take reservations for camping. This island has lovely bays, and it’s a safe place for canoeing or kayaking. Look into its depths to see fish swimming below. There are 44 camp sites with ample parking. Canoe and kayak rentals are available from the park operator. Two interpretive trails lead from the campground around the shores of the lake.

8. Bamboo Island, Cambodia


If your idea is to go camping and having an amazing time by a remote beach, the this is the best place to visit. There are not extra’s in this location, but what it lacks in internet and hot water, it wins in experience and beauty. It’s a small island, that you can walk across it in 10 minutes, and has only two beaches. There are only ten bungalows, so be aware before taking the trip. There’s no Internet. No power except from 6pm to 11pm. No hot water, and no fans. It’s just you, the beach, and what you make it, perfect to decompress from your beloved electrical addictions.

9. Pangong Lake in Ladakh, India


This high altitude saline water lake is paradise, The 134 km long, 5 km wide lake is situated at 4350 meters height , 40-60% shared by India & china. During winter it completely freezes. More and more people are visiting and camping along the site of this beautiful lake.

10. Lake district, United Kingdom


Cumbria is home to the Lake District, the most visited national park in the UK. And it’s got Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain and from whence you can see across to the Mourne Mountains and Snowdonia. And the Lake District has the deepest and longest lakes in England. Camping in the Lake District is fantastic as you have a lot of options, you can camp in your own tent, or you can choose a yurt, a bell tents or a lodge.