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Insomnia can be avoided by camping!

According to a new study undertaken by the University of Colorado, a few nights under canvas can allow people with insomnia. The experiment revealed that some time in the countryside could rapidly allow you to sleep between two and a half hours extra. This could allow campers to go to bed at a civilised hour once they returned home form a busy day.

People that have trouble sleeping can now use the healing properties of being out camping, to get a better sleep once you reach home. This could help with your overall health as having a good nights sleep can help you become more alert and help you to concentrate more on the everyday essentials.


The study found altered rhythms by measuring levels of the hormone melatonin in the participants. Going to bed late is thought to contribute not only to sleepiness and reduced productivity during the day, but also more serious conditions like mood disorders, diabetes and obesity.

“If a person wants to go to bed at an earlier hour, then a weekend camping could be just the thing,” said Dr Kenneth Wright, who led the research.

“Our findings demonstrate that living in our modern environment contributes to late circadian timing regardless of season and that a weekend camping trip can reset our clock rapidly.”


Being outdoors and not having access to any technology also prevented the campers from delaying the time they went to sleep, which also helped reset their sleeping patterns. Insomnia is currently increasing in across the world, and particularly in busy cities. Health guides recommend avoiding caffeine, nicotine and alcohol at night and not napping during the day for affected people.

The more people are out camping, the better we will be able to function in our day to day lives. Remember to tell everyone you know that camping can be imperative to your health.