Lusting After All Things Aztec This Summer!

Aztec Summer Accessories! Camping accessories are our favourite things to lust over, especially when it comes around to this time of year. But this year Aztec prints are our favourites this summer. We usually start getting ready for all of our amazing summer camping trips, around this time of year. There are a huge number […]

Camping Dubbed The Cure For Insomnia!

Insomnia can be avoided by camping! According to a new study undertaken by the University of Colorado, a few nights under canvas can allow people with insomnia. The experiment revealed that some time in the countryside could rapidly allow you to sleep between two and a half hours extra. This could allow campers to go to bed at […]

Bell Tent Sleep Over Tips

Why not utilise your bell tent in the winter, and create a fun and exciting sleepover space for your kids. The bell tent sleepover tips are an amazing fun idea, to allow your kids to enjoy themselves in the safety of your watchful eye. And, it will have your kids thinking you are the best parent ever! It’s […]

Presenting: The Emperor Tent

The emperor is a huge tent that will sleep 12 adults and it can hold up to 20-30 people seated. In comparison to the conventional bell tents, the emperor is the pinnacle of luxury and style. The emperor tent gives you much more than just a way of passing your summers in the back garden, it’s […]

How To Stay Warm In Your Bell Tent

As temperatures start dropping, camping starts to die down for most people, but that does not mean that you should stop camping. You can continue camping, but you need to change the way that you plan your trips, and change the way you will enjoy yourself because it may be cold outside, but there is […]

Boutique Camping Sale

Here at we like to bring you the best tips and stories on bell tents, but we also like to give you some of the amazing bell tent savings out on the net, this time we bring you fantastic savings from Boutique Camping. We want to make sure that the best deals are coming […]

House? No, Thanks I Want A Bell Tent

There is a growing number of people who choose to pack up their stuff and live in a bell tent. It may be hard for some people to think about leaving our home comforts behind and contemplating living out in a tent. But thats exactly what a growing number of people have begun to do, […]

Bell Tent Buying Guide

So you’ve decided to do the most exiting thing in the world, and purchase a Bell tent! Well, we will welcome you in the weird and wonderful world of bell tents with open arms. Here at, we have come up with a comprehensive bell tent buying guide just for you budding bell tent owners. We’d like […]

My Big Fat Bell Tent Wedding!

I’ve never been the kind of girl to dream about my wedding day, or plan it all down to the last detail, or even think about it, at all! In my mind some people can overly romanticise the premise of marriage, but to me it has always been an occasion like any other. Like a […]

Bell tents: 5 Reasons To Love Them

Bell tents, Perfect family tent! Bell tents are perfect for many reasons, but the ultimate reason why you should own one of these beauties is that your family will love you more once you own it! Bell tents can withstand any weather eventuality and no other tent will get your kids this exited. It’s like owning […]