Mother’s Day is a celebration of one of your most important members of the family. Find the perfect Mother’s Day for a lover of the outdoors in the glamping world. Send a bouquet of flowers, and find an amazing gift they will love in this list of beautiful presents. BKR, Glass Water Bottle with Metallic […]

Camping Dubbed The Cure For Insomnia!

Insomnia can be avoided by camping! According to a new study undertaken by the University of Colorado, a few nights under canvas can allow people with insomnia. The experiment revealed that some time in the countryside could rapidly allow you to sleep between two and a half hours extra. This could allow campers to go to bed at […]

Must Have Camping Gadgets For Summer 2017!!!

Summer is just around the corner. I’m sure your planning on your exciting summer trips and you are trying to find all the bets camping gadgets. Well don’t look no further, because we are here to give you a little motivation and to let you know some amazing gadgets available to buy this summer. These camping gadgets […]

Bell Tent Sleep Over Tips

Why not utilise your bell tent in the winter, and create a fun and exciting sleepover space for your kids. The bell tent sleepover tips are an amazing fun idea, to allow your kids to enjoy themselves in the safety of your watchful eye. And, it will have your kids thinking you are the best parent ever! It’s […]

5 Rules For Dressing Your Bell Tent

Here at Bell we’d like to think that with our combined years of experience, we know our way around a bell tent. And we have put together a set of 5 rules for dressing your bell tent. These rules will be useful regardless of the type of camping trip you are having. Family camping […]

5 Cold Weather Camping Tips

This winter grab a scarf, put on your wellies, and get ready for the cold weather as you prepare for this camping season. We know you want to be cozy and warm on your camping trips this winter. So we thought, what better way to spend those cold winter evenings than on your warm, cozy […]

How To Create A DIY Teepee

A DIY teepee is a fantastic idea for a family. Why not create a wonderful addition to your family home by bringing one of these creations into your home. You could buy a teepee for a relatively small price, but making one yourself can be really easy, cheap and you can get your family involved in the […]

Giving Your Bell Tent Life!

If you love your bell tent as much as we do, then your bell tent, like our is a treasured part of your family. For that reason, you will need to make sure that you’re attempting every possible trick in the book to ensure that you’re giving your bell tent life. From the day your new tent […]

Bell Tent Awnings

Bell tent awnings and tarps can be a great addition to your camping life and your bell tent. Some say awnings are not necessary, but they can look really elegant and they can be really useful when you are camping out in a group. Star tents are like gazebos, they act like a large umbrella, […]