Winter Camping Tips

Love camping in the cold​? Have a look at our winter camping tips. Winter camping doesn’t have to be a struggle, with these handy winter camping tips. In fact, the main downfall of winter camping easily becomes its star attraction when you’re properly prepared. Camping in the winter is still very much a quieter affair. Not […]

How To Make A Swedish Fire Torch

A Swedish fire torch is also known as Canadian candle, and it is a fantastic way of setting up a fire. It uses only one log, and it has a flat surface meaning that you could use it to cook directly onto the surface of the log. These logs typically last longer than regular fire’s which […]

How To Create A DIY Teepee

A DIY teepee is a fantastic idea for a family. Why not create a wonderful addition to your family home by bringing one of these creations into your home. You could buy a teepee for a relatively small price, but making one yourself can be really easy, cheap and you can get your family involved in the […]

DIY Campfire Fire Starters

When you are preparing to go on a camping trip, you usually need to make sure that you have everything that you have planned to have on your trip. Sometimes, you may forget somethings at home, but with these simple DIY tricks you will ensure that you do not forget one of the most important […]

All Weather Camping trips

Camping in the British Isles can be very unpredictable. So when we are planning a camping trip in Britain, like in may other places, we must adhere to preparation, preparation, preparation. Regardless of what the weather man tells us, a good Brit knows to always bring an umbrella, and a rain coat regardless of the […]

DIY Camping Insect Repellent

We all love camping in the summer. You can spend your time hiking, relaxing, or spending good quality time with your family. One aspect of camping that no one enjoys is the bugs. Trying to keep the creepy crawlies away on your camping trips can be irritating, and it can also be a cause for concern […]

DIY Outdoor Lighting Hacks

Summer is here! Getting ready for those summer evening dinners, and spending time out in the garden with friends and family out in the garden once the sun has gone down can be tricky. Getting the outdoor lighting right can be a big task, and it can cost you an arm and a leg. Why […]

DIY Camping Food Hacks

Thinking about food for your camping trip can be stressful and problematic, it can give you a bit of a headache and that’s before you embark on your trip. Successful camping trips require good preparation and that includes preparing for your camping meals. Have your food labeled in zip locked bags or containers and be […]

10 Ingenious Camping Hacks

Hacks, time-savers, short-cuts, hints and tips, call them what you will, they’re all words that are used to define those handy little actions that will make your camping trips a bit easier, giving you time to enjoy the great outdoors. Each camping trip can be different and that means different types of things you will need to […]