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At Boutique camping, we’re always checking out what’s new in the world of glamping and looking for inspiration to help us bring customers the best possible camping experience. Over the years we have noticed a big trend by all the leading tent manufacturers who use Polycotton as the choice of tent fabric instead of 100% cotton.

As avid campers, we decided to put this to the test, we started camping in tents made from polycotton, as opposed to the traditional 100% cotton tents we were generally use to. Polycotton is a cotton fabric with polyester weaved into it, making it easier to care for and more hard-wearing than traditional 100% cotton canvas. All the good qualities of cotton canvas can be found in poly-cotton tents, so you get all the benefits of the cotton and polyester fabrics all in one. From 2018, we made the switch from manufacturing 100% cotton bell tents to Polycotton bell tents and the feedback from our regular customers, including large camp sites has been amazing. Our tents are now stronger and more durable than ever before, more resistant to mildew, which was a big concern for many customers when outlaying good money on a tent they want to last for years, also our customers found that Polycotton dried a lot quicker, so they could pack away their tents easily and quickly after a downpour. All this whilst remaining a fully breathable fabric.

Below is a summary of the reason, why polycotton is a far more suitable long term option for your tent fabric then 100% cotton.

More durable and less likely to rip than cotton,
making it more suitable for extreme conditions.

Mildew Resistant
Less maintenance required and more
resistant to mildew.

Fully breathable just like
cotton canvas.

Quick Drying
Quicker drying time than standard
cotton tents.

Holds Colour
Holds colour better and less likely to fade
as quickly as cotton.

Crease Resistant
Looks and feels just like traditional cotton
canvas and less prone to creasing.

Oxford Canvas

We were often asked by some of our regular customers if there was a fabric that was more cost effective, hard wearing but would still give you the traditional feel of our traditional canvas bell tents.

We worked closely with our fabric manufacturers and developed a synthetic man made fabric which we called the Oxford canvas. This material is tremendously hardwearing and there is no need to weather the fabric before your first trip. It’s also more robust against rot, mould and mildew making it the ideal choice for campers who want a bell tent, but aren’t keen to take on the additional care and upkeep associated with 100% cotton canvas.

Polyester Canvas

Our Polyester tents are half the weight of our canvas tents and are ideal for festivals and weekend camping trips. Whilst this range of tents has been developed with this in mind, they have not lost the traditional feel of our bell tent. The lightweight polyester fabric is also quicker to dry, and far easier to take care of than other traditional tent fabrics - an excellent option for those that want to stand out in an amazing tent, at a fraction of the cost.

Please note, all our polyester tents are premium made quality tents, made from thicker hardwearing quality polyester material, please do not compare our polyester tents to cheaper poor quality alternatives on the market.

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