Summer is just around the corner. I’m sure your planning on your exciting summer trips and you are trying to find all the bets camping gadgets. Well don’t look no further, because we are here to give you a little motivation and to let you know some amazing gadgets available to buy this summer.

These camping gadgets will help you make your camping life much easier and have you up to date with the latest gadgets and accessories in the market.

1. Helinox Chair 

Camping GadgetsCamping Gadgets

The chair weight less than 1Kg, which is perfect for any camping trip, or any other trip anywhere. The chair can old up to 145kg in weight and it’s the perfect accessory to keep at the back of your car, or in your camping bag. The chair is extremely comfortable and hardwearing, with a pack down size of 35x10x12 cm, who would leave this behind.

2. Wonderbag 

Camping Gadgets

You might be confused in thinking that the Wonderbag is a beanbag chair or something similar, but in fact this is a non electric slow cooker. This amazing little contraption will keep your food going without burning, all without the use of any electrical sources. Simply cook your food to boiling point, place a lid on the pot and transfer the pot onto the Wonderbag, pull there drawstring at the top and you can keep your food war and cooking overnight.

3. Stove Fan 

Camping Gadgets

This easy to use heat powered stove fan is great for your bell tent, especially if you have a bigger bell tent, and you struggle to keep to keep it. Simply place the stove fan on your stove and it will evenly heat your entire bell tent. When the surface temperature gets high enough, the fan starts automatically so there is no need to touch anything. When the stove temperature drops the stove fan slows down. No electricity required.

4. Nomad Hammock Stand and Eno Double Deluxe Hammock.

Camping Gadgets

With the portable and lightweight Nomad Hammock Stand, you can set up anywhere with it’s simple construction. It is compatible with all ENO hammocks and effortlessly packs into it’s carrying case making it super easy to take on any adventure. This definitely needs to be coupled with a hammock because what is a hammock stand without a hammock.

5. Boutique Camping Lounge Bag

Camping Gadgets

Your summer will not be complete without the Boutique Camping lounge bag. They inflate and deflate within seconds, and they store in a small carrying bag. Ultra lightweight, extremely comfortable, just awesome! Works on all surfaces, water, snow, rocks and sand.

6. The Gosun Portable Solar Cooker

Camping Gadgets

The GoSun portable solar cooker is as amazing as it sounds. Simply take with you a lightweight cooking miracle, and you won’t ever need to be thinking about ‘camping food’. Instead you can roast, steam, bake, fry or boil, all using solar power. You might be thinking that you may need it to be a super sunny day, but you wouldn’t the GoSun Sport is so effective at capturing ultraviolet light that if you can see a defined shadow, you can cook!

7. Biolite Camping Stove

Camping Gadgets

The Biolite camp stove is designed to burn twigs or pinecones and creating a powerful flame that it can quickly boil water, grill burgers, roast marshmallows or handle any other stove tasks as well as traditional stoves.

8. Rinse Kit

Camping Gadgets

What if I told you that there was a product you can purchase that would allow you to perform your normal task like shower, wash the dishes, wash your camping gear all in one. Well that day has arrived the rinse kit is a powerful pressure hose, that can have many uses without pumping or batteries.

9. Handpresso WildHybrid Espresso Machine

Camping Gadgets

In need of that wake u call your used to every morning but thee’s no Starbucks in sight. Not to worry the Hanpresso delivers the caffeine-infused goods to the campsite in a sleek manner. This amazing machine doesn’t use energy. Instead of energy you need to pump this machine – very easily and quickly, just a few minutes of pumping and you’re enjoying great coffee!

10. The Horizon Stove

Camping Gadgets

Be the coolest hipster in the campsite, grow a beard and bring with you this amazing bit of kit. It’ s a high efficiency wood burning stove that burns smokeless! It also weights less than 3kg so it’s easy to carry. It is made from a high quality stainless steel, and it’s built to last keeping you fed for years to come. The the colour effect will have you stand out the crowd.