The weather, computer games, and concerns for safety have been blamed for children spending less time doing outdoor activities. With more children spending time indoors than ever before, camping can be a good wholesome way to grow in confidence or develop many personal attributes in a child.

Camping with children is really rewarding, for both the child and the parent, your children can become outdoor kids. When you decide to take the plunge and take them camping, you should not worry about how hard it would be to plan, pack and actually find some where safe to camp.

Taking the outdoor kids camping is an adventure that will excite them and they will thank you for it. They get to be themselves, they learn about nature, different plants, and wild life if your lucky. They are free to explore new surroundings, and develop new skills, they will love camping. They say that the more outdoorsy your kids are, they happier they will become. And thats because this activity is made so you can both share and enjoy it. Camping is great for kids of all ages. There is no such thing as too late or too early for your kids to begin exploring the depth of camping.

outdoor kids

They will be with you every step of the way, working out where to pitch, helping to put up the tent, being sent to pick up supplies. Dealing with adversity (broken poles, forgotten tent pegs, bad weather). These are all great ways of building resilience, when the children learn that they can effectively deal with any situation, they become more robust and confident individuals.

Whilst out camping, children can make friends, they can get to experience new types of things that they will not usually experience at home. They get to run around without limitations, they can have fun, and most children will love to be in a tent.

outdoor kids

Why not start by having a small camping trip to the garden. They can put away any skepticism or doubt because, as you can ease them into having fun and not to be scared. You can also try to get the other members of the family involved, to ease them into the transition.  You have to make sure that children are allowed in the camp site that you are planing to go to.

You are the captan, especially if it’s their first time because they have no idea the kind of fun they can have! They have no expectations, they are a blank canvas at that point, and you get to full their trip with fun, activities, and things you know they will enjoy. Here are some games that you could enjoy as a family.

outdoor kids

Rabbit Tag

One person is the rabbit catcher, and everyone else is a rabbit, clinging to their own tree. When the catcher shouts “rabbit scramble!” the rabbits have to run to another tree without being tagged by the catcher. Once you get tagged, you’re the new rabbit catcher.

Dance Off!

Why not sit all the family down in camping chairs (one for each person), then put on some music and then your family members will stand up and dance. When the dance leader shouts “Dance-off!” everyone has to dance as fast as they can. When she says “Dance over,” players race for their seats. The last one to sit down becomes the new dance leader.

outdoor kids

Catch the Bunny

Start passing a small ball—the bunny—around a circle. After a few seconds, throw in a beach ball to pass around too, that’s the farmer, who’s desperate to catch that darn rabbit. If you’re holding the bunny when the farmer catches up to it, you’re out. Top tip! Have the rabbit go in only one direction around the circle, but allow the farmer to travel any which way that way you can make it harder.

Sing your heart out!

It’s not camping if you don’t sing a few songs. Why not get a good old fashion family song along, you can all take turns and make a karaoke night.