Glamping All Year Round

So, maybe you’ve heard of glamping? You know, the little thing you do when you combine the two best things in the world, which is camping and of course, and the second best thing in the world, glamour. Just joking, not about the best things in the world, but about glamping. Surely everyone knows about […]

Guerrilla Camping

Guerrilla camping or stealth camping is the adventurous notion of camping anywhere, at any time, without any permission from landowners or public area officials. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Pushing the limits of camping guerrilla or stealth camping has been an interesting proposition for us and our camping aficionado friends. Looking into this can get you […]

Escape The City & Camp In The UK – Top 5 Camping Spots

Escape the stress of the city and spend a weekend in the following jaw-dropping camping locations. You probably thought that you’d need to pay a fortune for a family holiday by the beach. And that you’d need to travel abroad to witness stunning panoramic sea views and uninterrupted unspoiled beaches. The UK has so much to offer in […]

Bell Tent Buying Guide

So you’ve decided to do the most exiting thing in the world, and purchase a Bell tent! Well, we will welcome you in the weird and wonderful world of bell tents with open arms. Here at, we have come up with a comprehensive bell tent buying guide just for you budding bell tent owners. We’d like […]

All Weather Camping trips

Camping in the British Isles can be very unpredictable. So when we are planning a camping trip in Britain, like in may other places, we must adhere to preparation, preparation, preparation. Regardless of what the weather man tells us, a good Brit knows to always bring an umbrella, and a rain coat regardless of the […]

My Big Fat Bell Tent Wedding!

I’ve never been the kind of girl to dream about my wedding day, or plan it all down to the last detail, or even think about it, at all! In my mind some people can overly romanticise the premise of marriage, but to me it has always been an occasion like any other. Like a […]

Design Your Own Bell Tent Competition

It’s Competition Time! Win a Luxury Bell Tent Worth Over £600 With Your Own Design Bell tent lovers get ready to be amazed as Boutique Camping has launched a fantastic competition. This is an unmissable chance to be the envy of all campers, by having your very own design on a 5m 100% cotton canvas bell […]

5 Things To Take On Camping Trips

Imagine you were chosen as the lucky winner of a price and the price is to embark on some camping trips, where everything would be paid for and planned. The only stipulation would be that you could only take five items with you, what would you do? How can you possibly reduce the amount of items you normally […]

DIY Camping Insect Repellent

We all love camping in the summer. You can spend your time hiking, relaxing, or spending good quality time with your family. One aspect of camping that no one enjoys is the bugs. Trying to keep the creepy crawlies away on your camping trips can be irritating, and it can also be a cause for concern […]