We love glamping and all things camping, and this ‘pop up glamping’ is not a brand new concept. However, Epic Retreats have taken the concept of a pop up glamp site to another level. The pop up glamping idea consists of a few cabins placed in obscure and remote places around Wales, only to be dismantled after 24hrs, for a truly once in a life time experience.

Only 200 lucky couples have been given the chance to part take in this exciting venture, and we are all positively gleaming about the idea. Glaping under the stars will be redefined when these exciting conditions. No need to pack your tents, sleeping mattresses etc.

pop up

Eight cabins designs were chosen through a competition, which saw architects from across the world design unique glamping units to be around Wales. The above cabin is the slate cabin. It’s been designed to be a single room with a bathroom tucked behind. A kitchen and built-in table frame make up the sitting space, while the bed sits on a raised platform – at one end, this platform pulls back to provide space for a seat and desk.

pop up

Arthur’s cave as the above cabin is named is inspired by the legend of King Arthur, and a cave where he and his knights slept while travelling. Locally sourced sheep’s wool insulation will be placed within the panels to provide a high level of thermal insulation and the build benefits from a full width sliding door to offer panoramic views of the Welsh landscape.

pop up

The Skyhut is designed to provide a unique place to experience the sky. The tradition of sleeping out under the night sky is manifested in the roof with a simple geared cable system; borrowed from proven sailing technology, allowing it to open fully. With the doors open too, the Skyhut can be configured as a glamping-observatory.

pop uppop uppop up

These cabins are not cheap, they are going for up to £2000 per night and the participants have already been chosen. These cabins are perfect for adventurous couples seeking a once in a lifetime romantic break away, and discover the heart of beautiful Wales.

Eight different cabin structures will form the glamping pop up hotel allowing up to 200 couples to stay in the retreats over 12 weeks. Guests will be able to stay for three-nights, four-nights or a week.