Love camping in the cold​? Have a look at our winter camping tips.

Winter camping doesn’t have to be a struggle, with these handy winter camping tips. In fact, the main downfall of winter camping easily becomes its star attraction when you’re properly prepared.

Camping in the winter is still very much a quieter affair. Not alot of people decide to take the plunge as they still think that camping in the winter is out of the question. Infact, more and more people have begun to realise that camping all year round can bring you a diffent experince each time you pitch your tent.

Beautiful landscapes in the winter are even more beautiful than in summer. Open fires, getting cosy around the stove, these added extras can make your winter camping experience have its own winter twist.

If you’ve loved the sound of camping in the winter months, havce a look at our handy winter camping tips, and take the trip of a lifetime.

Use lithium batteries and not alkaline batteries in the winter

winter camping trips Alkaline batteries perform very poorly below freezing and in cold weather. So if you are planing to operate any gadgets that are battery opperated, go for the lithium batteries as they on the other hand, are much more powerful than alkaline batteries and function very well in cold weather. Use lithium batteries in all your winter electronics. Not only does lithium perform consistently down to much colder temperatures than alkaline batteries, but they are lighter and last three times as long.

Carry you water bottles in insulated covers

winter camping trips Store the water bottles in insulated water bottle pockets on the outside of your pack or inside your pack, surrounded by insulating garments.These should be stored upside down if possible so the tops don’t freeze shut.

Insulating filling in sleeping bags functions by trapping air

winter camping tips

With lightweight down bags, do this with the bag upside down so the filling is encouraged to accumulate in the upper sections of the bag where the insulation is most needed. On the same note, make sure that the bulk of any extra clothes isn’t having the effect of compressing the bag’s filling

Performance might be improved by actually removing the thicker layers.

winter camping tips

When you are getting ready to go to bed, it may be a good idea to remove some of the thicker layers of clothing. Even though it may seem bizzare, one trick is to do sit-ups in the bag, or jog around before you jump in. Then simply take off your clothes inside the bag so you don’t lose any of the heat you already have, allowing the warmth to pass from your clothing to the down. An open fleece can be worn as the heat is able to pass through it into the down.

Sleep With Your Boots

winter camping trips

I know we told you to remove some clothes that will not be allowing the warmth to pass through your sleeping bag. Don’t worry we are not telling you to keep your boots on your feet, instead use boots with removable liners, so you can put those liners at the bottom of your sleeping bag to keep them warm. If you only have single-layer boots, make sure you put them in a waterproof stuff sack at the bottom of your sleeping bag. Nothing is worse than frozen boots in the morning!

Flip Your Water

winter camping tips

If you have a large water storage container, turn it upside-down when storing it overnight.  Ice forms from the top down, so keeping the spout/opening of your container facing down keeps it from getting frozen up. This can be combined with insulating the container, of course as we mentioned before.

We hope these tips will help you with your winter camping quest, and if you were worries about camping in the winter, we hope you are now a full convert because camping on bell tents all year round is our favourite thing to do.