Bell Tent Sleep Over Tips

Why not utilise your bell tent in the winter, and create a fun and exiting sleep over space for your kids. The bell tent sleep over tips are an amazing fun idea, to allow your kids to enjoy themselves in the safety of your watchful eye. And, it will have your kids thinking you are the best parent […]

Outdoor Kids Love Camping

The weather, computer games, and concerns for safety have been blamed for children spending less time doing outdoor activities. With more children spending time indoors than ever before, camping can be a good wholesome way to grow in confidence or develop many personal attributes in a child. Camping with children is really rewarding, for both the child […]

Camping Around The Globe

Glamping Has Caught On Around The Globe In A Huge Way! It seems that around the globe the penny has dropped, and they caught on to the amazing lifestyle that is glamping. Camping holidays are the best way to enjoy the great outdoors, add a few more home comforts that are miles away from your average tent […]

Winter Camping Tips

Love camping in the cold​? Have a look at our winter camping tips. Winter camping doesn’t have to be a struggle, with these handy winter camping tips. In fact, the main downfall of winter camping easily becomes its star attraction when you’re properly prepared. Camping in the winter is still very much a quieter affair. Not […]

5 Rules For Dressing Your Bell Tent

Here at Bell we’d like to think that with our combined years of experience, we know our way around a bell tent. And we have put together a set of 5 rules for dressing your bell tent. These rules will be useful regardless of the type of camping trip you are having. Family camping […]

How To Make A Swedish Fire Torch

A Swedish fire torch is also known as Canadian candle, and it is a fantastic way of setting up a fire. It uses only one log, and it has a flat surface meaning that you could use it to cook directly onto the surface of the log. These logs typically last longer than regular fire’s which […]

5 Camping Alternatives For The None Camper

If you still think that camping is all about far away portaloo’s, tinned food, and polyester dome tents in the rain, then you have probably been hiding under a rock. Camping is no longer an un-pleasurable experience in the woods, wet and cold. There has been a revolution in glamping (glamorous camping), and the amount of alternative […]

5 Cold Weather Camping Tips

This winter grab a scarf, put on your wellies, and get ready for the cold weather as you prepare for this camping season. We know you want to be cozy and warm on your camping trips this winter. So we thought, what better way to spend those cold winter evenings than on your warm, cozy […]

How To Create A DIY Teepee

A DIY teepee is a fantastic idea for a family. Why not create a wonderful addition to your family home by bringing one of these creations into your home. You could buy a teepee for a relatively small price, but making one yourself can be really easy, cheap and you can get your family involved in the […]

9 Gadgets To Take On Your Camping Trip

Camping trips can be hectic, especially when you are organising a trip with a lot of people, or children. Have a look at these gadgets and they may be able to make your camping trip a relaxing one. Waterproof speaker The FUGOO Sport is an excellent waterproof speaker with high-quality sound. Its battery life is […]